İngilizce Ortaöğretim A1.2 Yes You Can Student's Book (MEB) Ders Kitabı Cevapları sayfa 41


E. Answer the questions.
1. What colour is Angelina’s hair?
2. Has Angelina got brown or green eyes?
3. Can she cook?
4. What is she like?
5. What’s Will’s nickname?
6. Can he sing rap?
7. Is he interested in sports?
8. What’s he like?


1. It is brown.
2. She has got green eyes.
3. No, she can’t.
4. She is kind and helpful.
5. It is Fresh Prince.
6. Yes, he can.
7. Yes, he is.
8. He is friendly and funny.


2. Listen and write “W” for weak,
“S” for strong.
They can play tennis.    W
Can I o pen the window?     W
I can’t hear you.    S
Can’t you hear me?     S